The Artistic Features of the Individuals' Cloaks in Ancient Egypt

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1 Cairo Higher Institute of Tourism and Hotels- Mokatm

2 Faculty of Tourism and Hotels- University of Sadat City


Fashion, clothing and also decorations are important elements to determine the rank of people and the social, cultural and political situation of Egypt during its different historical periods. A cloak is one of the famous and ancient types of costume in ancient Egypt that is wearing by all Egyptian categories. It is also used by women and men, kings and privates. This paper focuses on the cloaks of the individuals. This research aims at determine the various kinds and define the different designs and decorations of the individuals’ cloaks. Also, know the foreign influence and development of these cloaks. It defines the aim of wearing cloaks and the positions of individuals who wear them. The cloak is a kind of a cloth that was found from the beginning of the ancient Egyptian history, so there are a lot of example of reliefs and statues.